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Sir David Lane


Professor Sir David Lane, PhD, FRS, FRSE, is a globally renowned cancer scientist, holding the esteemed position of Chair of the Scientific Committee for Cancer Grand Challenges. He is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking discovery of the p53 protein in the 1970s, a milestone that significantly advanced the scientific community’s understanding of cellular growth and division, including the mechanisms governing cancer cell proliferation. The p53 protein, often referred to as the ‘guardian of the genome,’ was the inaugural tumour suppressor identified within our cells, and subsequent research has revealed its faulty or inactive state in a majority of human cancers. Sir David’s pioneering work continues to shape the p53 and tumour suppressor research domain, spanning both discovery research and drug development frontiers.

In recognition of his monumental contributions to science, Sir David was knighted in 2000. He is a distinguished Fellow of the Royal Society of London and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, affirming his standing in the scientific community. Beyond his research endeavors, Sir David has played a pivotal role in cancer research advocacy and leadership, notably serving as the Chief Scientist of Cancer Research UK. His enduring dedication to advancing cancer research continues to impact the field profoundly, fostering a deeper understanding of cancer biology and inspiring novel therapeutic strategies.

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