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Introducing British Care Investments


British Care Investments (BCI) is a specialised healthcare real estate investment vehicle crafted with the objective of delivering stable returns supported by robust contractual agreements. Through investments in a diversified portfolio of care home assets in the United Kingdom, and leasing them to ‘Tier 1’ operators, BCI aims to foster a conducive environment for quality care delivery while ensuring a balanced investment outlook.

The initiative stems from a unique collaboration between the experienced real asset manager, Milltrust International, and the world-renowned care home operator, AcalisCare. This alliance strives to offer shareholders an attractive blend of contractually assured yield and capital appreciation by navigating the evolving landscape of the UK’s care home sector.

Market Trends

Significant tailwinds are being driven by demographic changes, consolidation of smaller homes, a new regulatory framework (CQC), demand and supply imbalances, and increasing demand for high-quality care home accommodation.

BCI provides a unique opportunity for shareholders to capitalise upon the current special market conditions:

  • A growing demand for care homes,
  • Limited supply of care facilities that will not meet that demand,
  • Increased requirements for specialist care,
  • A highly fragmented market that presents unique opportunities in and of itself.

The growth in demand comes from the fact that the population of elderly people (aged 75-84) is forecast to almost double over the next 50 years, from 6 million to 12 million. The over-85 population group are expected to double within only 20 years to 3.4 million. In addition, most of these individuals will spend the last 15 years of their life with some ill health.


Although the demand for care homes and specialist care is clear, there is a failure of supply to match this rising demand. There has been a 17% decrease in the total number of beds from 2012 to 2021; from 11.3 to 9.4 (beds per 100 over 75s). More than 100,000 new beds will be required in the next 10 years, with an estimated for 350,000 in 2050. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this shortfall, lowering the number of registered care home beds by 2.4%.

The quality of care in existing care homes is highly fragmented, as most of the market is constituted of small or single owner care homes. According to the CQC 21% of homes are either ‘inadequate’ or ‘need improvement’. This presents opportunities for consolidation and improvement in both professionalism and in efficiencies.

Strong Partnership

Milltrust brings a 13-year track record in managing investments, including Public Funds and Private Funds.

AcalisCare brings 18 years of Care Home management across the Globe and has the required expertise to improve and manage care homes effectively. The team is highly experienced in sourcing, managing and exiting properties in the Care Home sector.

Together, we combine world-class expertise in investment and care home management to bring you British Care Investments.

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