East West
Private Wealth

Bridging Global Wealth with Integrity

East West Private Wealth (EWPW), an affiliate of Milltrust International Group and operating in a regulated capacity as First Estate Capital Management in Singapore, stands as a premier global Multi-Family Office, dedicated to offering unparalleled wealth management services. With a presence spanning from Singapore to London, Monaco, Geneva, and the UAE, our global reach is anchored in the Asia-Pacific — the heartland of burgeoning private wealth.

Our Commitment

A truly holistic approach to your financial needs. At EWPW, we pride ourselves on:

Our advisory platform is powered by a proprietary investment engine, ensuring unbiased and tailored advice.

With a crystal-clear fee structure, you always know where you stand.

Our investment approach is unconstrained, adapting to the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Curated by a team of seasoned specialists, our suite of open-architecture solutions not only ensures prosperity for our clients but also champions
eco-conscious decisions for a better planet.

At EWPW, we are not just managing wealth. We are crafting legacies — for you, and for generations to come.

Who We Are

Rooted in Asset Management Excellence
At the heart of East West Private Wealth lies our legacy with the Milltrust brand. Since 2010, Milltrust International Group has been at the forefront of crafting innovative, alpha-generating investment solutions. Our team, a blend of seasoned entrepreneurs, astute wealth managers, and savvy investors, boasts a proven track record of success.

Our Vision

Envisioning a Balanced Future
At East West Private Wealth, we believe in a world where the pursuit of personal wealth harmonises with our planet’s well-being. Our commitment is to sustainable, ethical, and visionary investments. These not only ensure enduring financial security for families and individuals but also safeguard our earth and its inhabitants.

What We Do

Over a Decade of Distinction in Global Wealth Solutions
For over 10 years, we’ve stood as a trusted wholesale provider, delivering multi-asset class portfolios tailored for our international clientele. Managed by seasoned professionals, our global wealth solutions offer a diverse investment spectrum across all asset classes, meticulously crafted to align with our clients’ unique needs.

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EWPW offers global wealth solutions and multi-asset class portfolios for clients with a 15+ year track record advising an international wealth manager on a private label basis.

Our solutions are diversified, tailored to client needs, and include access to top investment providers.

We also provide outsourced CIO services and global asset allocation advice for balanced portfolios aligned with investment goals.


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