Milltrust International LLP, a distinguished and award-winning asset manager with dual headquarters in London and Singapore, is a beacon of Sustainable Prosperity. We aim to present unparalleled and sustainable investment solutions across a range of award-winning public equity funds, delivering truly differentiated alpha to our investors.


Milltrust Ventures, the venture capital branch of Milltrust International Group, champions 'Sustainable Prosperity' with a global presence on four continents. It invests in critical areas such as emerging economies, food security, healthcare, technology, and climate change. Trusted by top-tier pension funds and institutional investors, Milltrust collaborates with leading global venture capitalists to foster innovation and sustainable growth. With a team of specialised experts, it leverages a diverse portfolio to make meaningful impacts worldwide.

East West Private Wealth

East West Private Wealth is an integral part of Milltrust, serving as our multi-family office business. It exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive wealth management solutions, addressing the unique needs and aspirations of our clients, and ensuring the harmonious alignment of wealth with sustainable prosperity. East West Private Wealth is a testament to our dedication to fostering enduring relationships and crafting bespoke strategies that resonate with the values and goals of the families we serve.