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A Confluence of Global Opportunities and Local Expertise

Milltrust’s investment platforms host a number of the world’s leading country and regional emerging markets asset managers from the developing world. Operating within a unique, regulated environment, these asset managers provide investors with a safe, transparent, and liquid custodial platform. The Milltrust range of funds – encompassing China, India, ASEAN, South Korea, Eurasia, Africa, and Brazil – serves as the building blocks for a truly Global Emerging Markets offering. Investors have the flexibility to engage with these markets on a stand-alone basis or through Milltrust’s discretionary-managed Global Emerging Markets Fund, unlocking a spectrum of investment opportunities in some of the most dynamic economies globally, underpinned by a unique, regulated environment ensuring transparency, liquidity, and safety.

Our Investment Spectrum

Global Emerging Markets (GEMS)
The Milltrust Global Emerging Markets (GEMS) Fund is a multi-specialist fund that invests in a limited portfolio of regulated emerging markets equity funds. It combines Milltrust’s proprietary quantitative modelling techniques and qualitative analysis to establish the geographical allocation between the different regional investment teams that make up the emerging markets index.

Regional Funds
Access to dedicated funds targeting key emerging markets regions, allowing for focused or diversified engagement as per your investment strategy.

Strategy Highlights

Local Expertise
Our investment approach favours teams with on-ground presence, ensuring direct access to extensive networks including industry leaders and government officials in the respective markets.

Investment opportunities are identified through meticulous bottom-up research, leveraging company visits and management interactions, allowing for informed decision-making and potential alpha generation.

Core Investment Principles

High Conviction
Aiming for a high conviction portfolio of best ideas securities across the developing world to seek strong risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

Unique Multi-Specialist Approach
Combining local alpha generation with proprietary country allocation modelling to seek to overweight potential winners.

Customisable Mandates
Adaptable structures to accommodate diverse client requirements including risk tolerance and geographical preferences.

Introducing the Milltrust Global Emerging Markets Alpha Fund

The Milltrust Emerging Markets Alpha Fund offers a direct public markets equity fund pursuing a distinctive investment strategy that leverages the best idea stock picks and deep local insights to navigate the complexities of global emerging markets. Specialising in a careful selection of high-quality and high-growth stocks, the fund benefits from a vast network of top-performing, locally-based country specialists. These experts employ comprehensive fundamental analysis to uncover undervalued opportunities within a diversified portfolio that spans across key emerging economies.

Asset Allocation

Stock Selection
All the local country teams undertake deep fundamental analysis of industries and companies in order to find fast-growing, high-quality businesses that are trading below their intrinsic value.

Portfolio Construction
Systematic process which involves the Portfolio Manager blending together the best ideas of the specialist country teams through a country allocation model.

Risk Management
The Portfolio Manager reviews and carefully monitors the exposures, liquidity, concentration levels, correlations and risk metrics of the portfolio.

Advancing Sustainable Prosperity with Climate Resilience

At Milltrust, Sustainable Prosperity is a defining ethos, particularly in combating climate change. Our Climate Impact Asia Fund embodies this commitment, catalysing sustainable technology innovations in the Asia-Pacific region to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship.

Our Ethos: Fostering Responsible Innovations

Strategic Focus
Engage with innovative enterprises dedicated to climate resilience and carbon neutrality in the critical Asia-Pacific region.

Sustainable Commitment
Collaborate with companies leading in renewable energy, sustainable construction, and environmental services.

Professional Engagement
Exclusively available to professional investors who share our vision of a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Core Investment Sectors


Multiple-award winning fund (2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023) including Best ESG Equities Fund, Best ESG Performance, Best ESG Methodology, Environmental Fund of the Year, and Impact Initiative of the Year. For a full list of awards, click here.


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