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Kyung Rae

Kyung-Rae (KR) Min


Milltrust International Group

KR Min has been a correspondence of the Korean business of Milltrust since 2017 responsible for introducing all sorts of products or services of Milltrust to Korean institutional clients. He also has been involved with delivering investment opportunities from Korea to overseas markets under Milltrust.

KR had worked in both State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) and its affiliate British asset management firm, Rexiter Capital Management, for more than 13 years as a senior research analyst and fund manager for Korea and Vietnam stock markets.  Most of his work has been focused on active equity management for global institutional clients.  He was one of the early introducers of private equity fund vehicle to the Korean market, working for Korea Development Bank (KDB), during the financial crisis times of the late 1990s in Korea.  He also runs a private equity fund company currently.

He holds a Master’s and a BA in economics at the Department of International Economics of Seoul National University (SNU).

Advisory team