Protenga nets $1.6m from UK, Singapore investors for novel approach to Black Soldier Fly farming

July 30, 2020

BY Alexander Kalis

By Agfundernews

UK agritech venture builder and Milltrust British Innovation Fund investee company Roslin Technologies, and Enterprise Singapore’s SEEDS Capital, an investment vehicle linked with the city-state’s government, have pumped $1.6 million into insect farming startup Protenga.

Roslin Technologies is affiliated with the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, famous for breeding Dolly the Sheep – the world’s first cloned mammal. Part of the Protenga deal will see a bespoke genetic nucleus facility built near Roslin’s Edinburgh headquarters, which will focus on applying enhanced breeding technologies to develop improved insect lines together with the startup for the global market.

As many other insect startups have done, Protenga – which is headquartered in Singapore with a production facility in Malaysia — has identified a species blessed with an eye-catching name and endowed with powerful natural abilities: the Black Soldier Fly. Breeding this species, the team believe, can be a way to provide sustainable protein sources to livestock, aquaculture stock, and pets. Protenga’s production line also generates organic material for fertilizer through a process similar to composting.