Gary Dugan


East West Private Wealth

Gary Dugan is a seasoned investment professional with a wealth of experience spanning 38 years, with a geographical focus on Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He has a well-established history in the field, having served as Chief Investment Officer at several renowned institutions, a testament to his profound knowledge and insight into the industry. Gary initiated his journey in the financial sector in London, where he underwent extensive training with premier asset management firms. In 1993, he joined JPMorgan Securities as a European equity market strategist. Here, he distinguished himself by producing innovative research on corporate restructuring and earned recognition as a trusted advisor to eminent sovereign wealth funds and the European Parliament. Subsequently, Gary assumed the role of head of multi-asset portfolios at JPMorgan Asset Management. In this capacity, he managed investments for notable mandates like the GIC and the Brunei government and offered his counsel to JPMorgan’s Private Banking business, showcasing his multifaceted expertise. Gary has also held significant CIO positions at Barclays and Merrill Lynch and has been instrumental in shaping the financial landscape in the UAE, collaborating with some of the region’s largest banks. His contributions were acknowledged when he was named Private Banker of the Year in 2015 (MENA). Known for his astute market foresight, Gary accurately foresaw bear trends in equity markets in 1987, during the tech boom, and amidst the 2007 financial crisis. He also made a bullish call on equity markets on March 17th, 2009. Currently, Gary is the CIO at East West Private Wealth. Before this role, he was the CEO of Purple Asset Management and founded The Global CIO Office, an enterprise offering outsourced CIO services, reflecting his commitment to delivering premium financial advice. Gary is a recognised voice in the media, frequently contributing to notable publications and television programs, and is a valued speaker at conferences, offering his perspectives on macro and investment themes.

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