EvOx Therapeutics signs a $44M licensing deal with pharma giant Takeda

April 30, 2020

BY Alexander Kalis

EvOx Therapeutics, an investee company of the British Innovation Fund through its investment in Oxford Sciences Innovation, has signed a $44M licensing deal with pharma giant Takeda. This is a landmark partnership for the company, positioning EvOx at the forefront of a handful of players using exosomes to deliver therapeutic payloads to specific locations in the body. EvOx can earn a total of $882M from the partnership in development and regulatory milestones. The first target selected is a program for Niemann-Pick type C.

Explainer Video
Many therapies are too fragile or too big to get into cells and are not easily targeted to specific sites of disease. To address these challenges, EvOx uses the body’s own natural delivery and messaging system: the exosome

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