Revolutionising the Palate: Shandi Global’s Pioneering Plant-Based Shawarma

October 16, 2023

BY Alexander Kalis


A Culinary Innovation: Sustainable, High-Protein, and a Gastronomic Delight

In the diverse culinary world, Shandi Global, a leader in plant-based culinary development, has launched an innovative plant-based shawarma. This creation is expanding the realms of vegan cuisine and was proudly presented at Byblos Grill in Singapore during a week-long culinary event, drawing international attention.

A Blend of Flavours: FOREVER by Shandi
The shawarma, part of the FOREVER by Shandi range, was first introduced at the respected FHA Food & Beverage 2023 in April. It has since explored various culinary scenes, appearing in the lively night markets at the University of Melbourne through collaborations with UMSU International and the Melbourne Alternative Protein Project.

Pursuit of Excellence: Dedication to Quality
Located in Singapore, Shandi Global runs a cutting-edge manufacturing facility where advanced high moisture extrusion shapes unique plant-based specialties. A team of culinary experts is committed to developing high-quality products, enabling Shandi Global to align its prices with traditional meat, balancing affordability and excellence.

Culinary Strategies: Broadening Boundaries
Shandi Global is weaving its innovative products into the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia, Australia, and Canada. Its creations are featured in 22 outlets in Singapore and included in 2,000 school meals every day. The strategic introduction in Australia has received notable recognition in the vegetarian community, with competitive pricing facilitating market penetration.

Financial Growth: Self-Sustained Expansion
Shandi Global is experiencing swift growth, with a current Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of approximately $3M, expected to escalate to $8M by the end of the year, propelled by recognition in Australia. The company has been self-financed, but the success in exports requires an increase in working capital and diversification to manage this growth carefully.

Creative Integration: Protected Culinary Techniques
Shandi Global employs a distinctive 5-patent process, incorporating natural, non-GMO ingredients like pea protein, chickpeas, quinoa, flax seeds, brown rice, and coconut oil. The company’s plant-based chicken, with a 30% protein content, aligns with the protein content of real chicken meat. The innovative removal of the “beany” taste enables Shandi Global to produce a product that closely resembles chicken in flavour and texture.

Visionary Approach: Affordable and Sustainable
With a focus on sustainability, affordability, and nutrition, Shandi Global aims to produce culinary creations that appeal to a wide range of tastes and are available to everyone. The company collaborates with renowned flavour and quality houses like Givaudan and Callebaut to ensure the precision of each culinary element.

Culinary Prelude to the Future
Shandi Global is leading a culinary transformation with its high-protein vegan shawarma, introducing a new chapter in the plant-based culinary narrative. The company’s commitment to developing culinary innovations is a promise of a future where sustainability and creativity coexist, meeting the increasing demand for plant-based options. The strategic expansions and partnerships are contributing to a new trend in the culinary world, promoting plant-based diets as a global culinary preference and encouraging a sustainable and inclusive food environment.

Shandi Global has been backed by investors such as Tolaram Group and Brinc. For more information contact [email protected]

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