Official Statement on Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings Receivership

April 23, 2024

BY Milltrust International Group

Official Statement on Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings Receivership

Milltrust International Group Statement – 23 April 2024

In light of recent events concerning the receivership of Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings (Waitonui) in New Zealand, Milltrust International Group wishes to clarify its current and historical relationship with Waitonui.

Background: In November 2021, Milltrust International Group successfully exited its involvement in the agricultural sector through the sale of its subsidiary, Milltrust Agricultural Investments (MAI), to Future Planet Capital. This strategic move was part of our broader initiative to refocus our investment portfolio and enhance our commitment to sustainable prosperity worldwide. The details of this transaction were publicly announced and signify a complete cessation of our management and operational influence over the entities previously advised by MAI, including those within Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings.

Current Status: It is important to note that while Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings includes and retains the Milltrust name, Milltrust International Group no longer holds any shareholding or management role in Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings. The management and control of these entities were entirely transferred to new ownership post the 2021 transaction.

Regarding the Receivership: Milltrust International Group is not in a position to comment on the specific circumstances leading to the receivership of Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings. Our divestiture in 2021 absolved us of any governance or financial influence in the operational decisions made by Waitonui post-sale.

Investment Philosophy: Despite this situation, Milltrust continues to advocate for sustainable and responsible investment across global markets, focusing on addressing long-term secular challenges such as population growth, climate impact, and food security through innovation and science-driven solutions.

Journalist Inquiries: For journalists seeking further details, please refer to our comprehensive press release dated November 22, 2021.

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