Milltrust Ventures Announces Upcoming Investment in First-In-Class Health Tech Platform Oncoshot

March 24, 2022

BY Archie Thomason

Milltrust Future Health Fund has today entered into an agreement to invest in Oncoshot– a health insights exchange platform that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to address the inefficiencies of cancer clinical trials – and the appointment of Milltrust Chief Scientific Officer, Bernard Ng, MD, to the board of the company.

Bernard Ng, MD, who heads up a world-class team of professionals at Milltrust Ventures, said: “We are delighted to partner with Singapore-based Oncoshot, which is set to help patients, caregivers and oncologists find cancer clinical trials anywhere in the world”.

In the fast-changing landscape of cancer care, Oncoshot wants to solve the problem of access to clinical trials. Founded in 2018, by oncologist Dr Huren Sivaraj and data scientist Ruslan Enikeev, Oncoshot had a mission to leverage technology to address the inefficiencies of cancer clinical trials. Since inception, they have expanded their vision across Australia and India, highlighting their applicability.

Simon Hopkins, CEO of Milltrust International Group, said, “We have been blown away by the power of deep learning to interpolate big data, expedite clinical trials and help the clinician to enrol their patients for studies quickly. Oncoshot is one such company that is yielding tangible results and is envisioned to improve the development of cancer therapies”.

About Oncoshot

Oncoshot is a health insights exchange platform that leverages its proprietary clinical trial matching artificial intelligence (AI) technology to address the inefficiencies of cancer clinical trials. The platform serves as a bridge between leading regional healthcare institutions and contract research organizations (CROs) and global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to facilitate data-driven cancer clinical trials while accelerating enrolment into actively recruiting ones.

The Oncoshot platform generates relevant hospital-approved real-time leads for trials in minutes, sorting through over 100,000 de-identified patient profiles spanning its three initial markets. With the traditional approach, this process can take weeks to months. Cutting time spent in the enrolment stages can save clinical trial stakeholders tens of thousands of dollars per day.

About Milltrust

Milltrust Ventures is a subsidiary of Milltrust International Group; a specialist investment organisation, co-headquartered in the asset management hubs of London and Singapore. Milltrust Ventures invests in early-stage high potential companies with a focus on science and technology that can lead to a positive impact for our individual health and healthcare systems. We screen and identify start-ups from the British and European ecosystem which has a long, proven track record of strong scientific discovery and from Asia and, in particular, Singapore, where there is a thriving ecosystem of start-ups with strong backing and support from good policies and assistance from the government.

Contact Information


Simon Hopkins, CEO

Bernard Ng, MD, Chief Scientific Officer

[email protected]

+65 6225 3052


Alexander Kalis, Managing Partner

Laurence Ingles-Le Nobel, Associate

[email protected]

+44 (0)20 8123 8316

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