Milltrust Real Assets pivots to residential care and announces collaboration with world-renowned care home operator, AcalisCare

April 21, 2023

BY Laurence Ingles-Le Nobel

Milltrust International, an award-winning investment organisation co-headquartered in London and Singapore, and AcalisCare, a world-renowned care home operator, are pleased to announce the launch of Milltrust AcalisCare UK Residential Care Investments (MAURC), a healthcare real-estate fund focused on income-generating UK care assets.

Launching at a time when the number of UK over-85s is projected to double in the next 20 years, requiring at least 100,000 additional beds, the fund will benefit from significant market tailwinds brought about by a consolidation of smaller homes post COVID, and an invigorated regulatory framework led by Britain’s Care Quality Commission. MAURC will help address a growing demand and supply imbalance in the UK’s high-quality care accommodation, while also providing investors with attractive contractual yield and capital appreciation.

Combining Milltrust’s decade long real asset investment capabilities with AcalisCare’s expertise in care delivery, the investment strategy will focus on acquiring, renovating, and proficiently managing overlooked UK care assets. Through doing so MAURC aims to help institutionalise the fragmented UK care market, with AcalisCare and its affiliates professionally managing facilities on long-term operating contacts. Within its strategy of continuous improvement through renovation and newbuilds, this will ensure compliance with the highest care standards and ESG measures, including metrics such as energy efficiency and water usage.

This investment process will be supported by an investment advisory committee made up of representatives from both Milltrust and AcalisCare, with the committee meeting regularly to oversee origination and due diligence, review and approval, portfolio management and governance. 

Milltrust International has a proven track record of providing structures for the efficient financing and holding of real assets, having attracted over $500 million of institutional capital into this asset class since 2010. In addition, Milltrust CEO Simon Hopkins has extensive experience in the UK care home market, currently serving as the Chairman of Swallowcourt Ltd, an established operator of specialist care in the West of England.

Founded in 2004 and operating homes with over 4,000 beds globally, AcalisCare has many years of experience in assessing, acquiring, and improving high potential care homes across various jurisdictions. Utilising a panel of independent experts and advisors AcalisCare is focused on establishing the benchmark for the best quality patient care in the UK and concluded its first UK acquisition in September 2022 with the acquisition of a firm operating 1050 beds in Scotland. 

The two companies hope to bring a holistic approach to building a winning portfolio of care assets capable of providing senior citizens with the dignified and compassionate care they deserve. To this end the strategy is strongly aligned with Milltrust International’s wider commitment to supporting sustainable prosperity and positive social impact.

Simon Hopkins, CEO, Milltrust International adds: “This collaboration with AcalisCare is a great example of Milltrust’s commitment to working with leading partners to provide impactful and alpha generating investment capable of rectifying some of the most pertinent social issues around the world. With the combined expertise of Milltrust and AcalisCare, we are confident in MAURC’s ability to capitalise on the sizeable and pressing opportunities which will be present in the UK care industry for the foreseeable future, as elderly care becomes a priority and not an afterthought.”

Bart Vanderschrick, Chairman of AcalisCare comments: “MAURC will build a highly desirable portfolio of assets for institutional investors seeking long-duration yield-generating investments, at a time when sterling has weakened significantly, and the UK government has committed to better financing of its care systems.”

About Milltrust 

Under a single mantra of Sustainable Prosperity, Milltrust International Group is a specialist, award-winning investment organisation co-headquartered in London and Singapore offering a range life-changing investment solutions seeking to address some of the greatest themes of our generation including the development of emerging economies, rising food demand, technological revolutions and climate change. Clients include pension funds, sovereign entities, family offices, entrepreneurs and HNWIs. The firm operates in a regulated capacity across multiple jurisdictions including the UK, Singapore, Ireland, and Cayman. 

About AcalisCare 

AcalisCare is one of the leading global private home care and assistance providers in Europe, Latin America and Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and is expanding in Asia and North America. AcalisCare currently employs 2,600 people throughout 40 long-term care facilities, managing over 3,000 operational beds.

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