Milltrust Announces Narnolia Financial Services as the New India Manager on the Milltrust Global Emerging Markets Platform

May 7, 2024

BY Milltrust International Group

Press Release: London, May 7th 2024 – Milltrust International, a prominent UK and Singapore-based investment group, has proudly appointed Narnolia Financial Services as the new India manager on its Global Emerging Markets Platform.  This appointment aligns with Milltrust’s positive outlook on Indian equities and leverages Narnolia’s extensive local market expertise to offer investors unique growth opportunities.

Established in 1997, Narnolia has grown to become India’s second largest and fastest-growing investment advisory firm, known for its robust track record in generating superior risk-adjusted returns.  Narnolia will manage an all-caps India equity strategy on the Milltrust Emerging Markets Platform, showcasing the best of their capabilities.   The product will incorporate Narnolia’s investment philosophy of ‘Growth in Value’, focusing on identifying high-quality stocks undervalued relative to their intrinsic growth potential. Their approach utilizes extensive on-the-ground research, deep understanding of macroeconomic shifts, and a strong commitment to ethical investing principles, aligning perfectly with Milltrust’s values.

A Milltrust spokesperson commented, “We have been active investors in India since 2012 and have captured significant alpha with exposure to a concentrated portfolio of winners through to 2020.”

They further elaborated, “Post pandemic, the Indian market phenomenon has broadened, with many new contributors to market performance beyond the small set of stock market darlings that now feature in every international investor’s portfolio.”

The spokesperson added, “We believe Narnolia, with its deep bench of industry analysts, is best equipped to tap into the next generation of winners. Their expertise will provide fresh impetus to our India allocation, ensuring continued access to high-quality, sustainable investments in emerging markets for our investors.”

Since its founding in 2010, Milltrust has been at the forefront of sustainable investing, offering an innovative platform that connects investors with specialised country teams around the world, enhancing access to top-tier emerging markets opportunities through local insights and expertise.

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