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March 15, 2019

BY Alexander Kalis


Morgan Stanley says emerging markets investors are set for strong gains

  • Morgan Stanley predicted in a report on Monday that emerging markets could be set for a rally, and raised the target for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index by 8 percent for the end of 2019.
  • The investment bank said the index could rally due to a few factors, including its bullish outlook for Chinese stocks, upcoming stimulus for China, and the price of copper.

Stock of the Week

Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited, an investment holding company, operates a community service platform in the People’s Republic of China. The company operates through three segments: Property Management Services; Community Leasing, Sales and Other Services; and Engineering Services. The Property Management Services segment provides security, cleaning, gardening, repair, and maintenance services to residential communities; pre-sale services to property developers, including cleaning, security, and maintenance of the pre-sale display units; and consultancy services for regional property companies, such as standardized operation, cost control, and consultation.

The case for Colour Life Services Group: A Look At Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited’s (HKG:1778) Exceptional Fundamentals


Sustainable Finance Is Growing in the World’s Worst-Polluting Country

Being an impact investor in China isn’t as lonely as it used to be.

Climate change activists are worried that China’s increasing appetite for meat is further straining natural resources and causing methane emissions to soar. Yet a new crop of impact investors believe that this, and China’s many other environmental and social concerns, can be solved with capital.

The Chinese government’s ambitious environmental goals are creating some of these opportunities. It’s targeting the sale of 2 million alternative-fuel vehicles in 2020 to combat pollution. The People’s Bank of China is pushing incentives for green finance. The central bank said in June it would broaden the range of collateral it accepts in its medium-term lending operations to include debt instruments tied to the green economy.


Agriculture 4.0: Australia invests in future of farming

With precision farming, smart tractors, drones, and plants animals monitored by sensors, the agricultural industry of the 21st century looks very different from the past.

Just as industry 4.0 is driving innovation in manufacturing, agriculture 4.0 is making digital farming a reality.

With a growing population, and the impact of farming on climate change a growing issue, the agricultural industry is looking to ways to make farming more efficient and cost-effective.

Investors and researchers are looking to Australia to develop the agricultural and food technologies of the future.

With connections with the rapidly growing markets of Asia, Australia is capitalising on these advantages to become a centre for agtech and foodtech innovation.


Mühlbauer and PragmatIC Announce Strategic Partnership Delivering Innovative RFID Manufacturing Solutions

Mühlbauer has qualified assembly of PragmatIC’s unique FlexICs with their market leading inlay production system, paving the way to dramatic RFID cost reduction.

Mühlbauer, the proven technology supplier of RFID and smart label production and personalisation solutions, and PragmatIC, a pioneer in ultra-low cost flexible electronics, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to deliver solutions that support the integration of PragmatIC’s unique flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs).

The companies have been working together since 2018 building on Mühlbauer’s extensive experience in inlay assembly to develop practical solutions for high speed bonding of FlexICs. The TAL15000 is the industry benchmark system for flip-chip RFID inlay production, with a throughput of up to 13,000 inlays per hour and a global installed base of more than 300 machines.

PragmatIC recently announced its first ConnectIC® products focused on HF-RFID for smart packaging applications including brand authentication and grey market avoidance. The qualification of the TAL15000 for FlexIC assembly enables manufacturers to leverage their existing installed base to deliver dramatically lower cost RFID inlays. Coupled with the incredibly thin, flexible and robust nature of FlexICs, this unlocks the potential to extend RFID solutions into a much wider range of mass market opportunities.

“Mühlbauer is focused on being the proven technology partner for the RFID industry” commented Gerald Niklas, Business Development Automation of Mühlbauer. “We see PragmatIC’s innovative FlexICs as a key enabler for the adoption of RFID in mass market applications and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to deliver robust and durable RFID products at a fraction of current inlay costs.”

“We are very excited that Mühlbauer has qualified their TAL15000 system for high speed bonding of our FlexICs” said Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC. “Their extensive knowledge and customer base will accelerate the adoption of our novel technology.”

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