Emerging Market Specialist Adds New Faces in 2020

June 18, 2020

BY Eric Anderson

Milltrust International has expanded its Emerging Markets Platform in 2020 to include new partnerships with leading, local country managers across the key regions of the developing world.  These local teams distinguish themselves by their long successful track records, deep penetration and in-depth knowledge of their local markets in order to deliver concentrated, best ideas long-only equity portfolios.  They include specialist teams in China, South Korea, South East Asia, Brazil, Africa, Russia and India which represent the main regions in the asset class.

“These deeply-entrenched local teams provide investors with an incredible informational edge in regions of the world where markets are still very inefficient,” explains Eric Anderson, Partner and Head of Emerging Markets investing at Milltrust, “the alpha is generated by investing in liquid stocks of fast-growing, high-quality local companies and beyond the confines of traditional and increasingly inefficient benchmarks.”

Milltrust’s flagship product, the Milltrust Global Emerging Markets Fund, offers investors a single point of entry to benefit from the full roster of specialist teams on their Platform.  The regulated Fund offers daily NAVs and a low management fee-only share class.

For investors looking to build their own Emerging Markets exposure, they can invest directly into any single or multiple country portfolios on the Platform giving them the full control and flexibility to do as they wish.  Milltrust has been operating the single custodian Emerging Markets platform since 2012.

“This multi-specialist approach of investing in Emerging Markets creates a very unique portfolio of very high quality and often times undiscovered domestically-focused companies; due to their local vantage point, our investment teams tend to identify these companies in the early part of their growth phase before the market catches on,” adds Mr Anderson.

In terms of the characteristics of the local teams, Mr Anderson says, “they tend to be small to medium size asset managers that are not held back by being too big and are nimble enough to be able to solely focus on their best ideas.  We don’t invest with asset gatherers or firms that do a bit of everything.  The teams that we are working with are focused, performance-driven and specialist firms whose primary function is to select companies for an equity portfolio.”

Milltrust was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London and Singapore.  The company’s investor base includes pension funds, sovereign entities, family offices, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.

For more information, please contact the Emerging Markets team at [email protected]

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