52 North Heath – Revolutionising the Healthcare Journey

April 16, 2024

BY Alexander Kalis

A Spotlight on Milltrust International's FutureHealth Investment 52North - creators of Neutrocheck®: Revolutionising the Healthcare Journey

52North Health’s mission is to revolutionise the healthcare journey for patients globally. Specialising in clinical decision support tools, 52North designs accessible and affordable solutions aimed at empowering patients and enhancing clinical outcomes.

Through their flagship product, Neutrocheck®, 52North Health has pioneered an at-home/on-the-go fingerpick blood test, coupled with a user-friendly app, to measure neutrophils and a sepsis marker—critical data points necessary for determining the risk of neutropenic sepsis, helping patients avoid unnecessary hospital visits, by checking their health status and consulting with healthcare providers from home.

We are pleased to share the company’s recent milestones and acknowledgements below:

1️⃣ Breakthrough Recognition and Support from Innovate UK
52North’s steady progression has been significantly bolstered by significant grant support from Innovate UK (watch the full story of Neutrocheck – 52 North’s innovation to help diagnose neutropenic sepsis and improve cancer patients’ lives and outcomes below).

2️⃣ 52North’s Neutrocheck® has been recognised as a breakthrough technology in the UK Government’s £10m Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP) pilot programme, a collaboration among key UK regulatory bodies like the MHRA and NICE. This initiative aims to expedite the adoption of innovative medical devices within the NHS, ensuring faster access to vital technologies.

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