Roslin Technologies embarks on Series B Acceleration Funding to Expand Globally

August 21, 2020

BY Alexander Kalis

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Milltrust International is pleased to share an exciting opportunity to co-invest with us into the UK’s largest-ever Agriscience start-up, which we seeded back in 2016.

In 2016, our British Innovation Fund made a landmark investment alongside JBI Equity (Hong Kong) into Roslin Technologies, a spin-out of the world-renowned Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, famous for its pioneering work which led to the birth of Dolly the Sheep some years earlier.

Roslin Technologies, the commercialisation vehicle for much of the ground-breaking science from the Institute and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, is now seeking to raise a Series B funding round of at least £50m, at a pre-money valuation of £57m, a valuation that was independently arrived at by MAZARS.

Roslin Technologies is based in Edinburgh’s Midlothian Science Zone, the largest single concentration of animal science in Europe. The company is developing pioneering solutions in the AgriFood space to sustainably and safely meet the food needs of a rapidly expanding global population. By 2030, the markets Roslin Tech focuses on are forecast to have a combined value of over $260bn.

The company has an exclusive commercial partnership with the Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School, with first right of refusal on all unencumbered IP emanating from the world-class research conducted at these institutions. Further, Roslin has a broad scope to build partnerships around the world investing in both capital and expertise. To date this unique venture builder had focused on the following lines:

  • Bespoke breeding programmes – for product enhancement, including genetic evaluations for livestock, and projects well advanced in the production of alternative protein from insects and shrimp (Insect protein will be a huge source of future animal feed, as well as a means of bioconversion as insects feed on organic bi-products such as fruit husks or dairy effluents);
  • Animal cells – Roslin’s unique technology allows the creation of bespoke cell-lines. Key focus is on the production of Clean Meat and development of multi-species cell line production; and
  • Animal health – cutting-edge health-tech / disease research providing diagnostics, vaccine and reagent solutions for a healthier and safer food supply chain.

The capital raise will provide acceleration funding for each of these portfolio lines as the company expands globally across these areas, resulting in a rapid increase in revenue and EBITDA (EBITDA of >£37m forecast for y/e 2025).

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Beyond Dolly the sheep: The Roslin Institute

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