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Milltrust International's Smart Protein Fund is a purpose-built investment vehicle investing in high-potential companies focusing on the future of food, including Plant-Based Protein, Precision Fermentation, Cultivated Meat, Infrastructure, and Scalable Production.

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Joint Venture between Milltrust & Earth First Food Ventures

The Smart Protein Fund is a joint venture between Milltrust International (Investment Manager) and Earth First Food Ventures (Investment Advisor) to invest exclusively in the Smart Protein sector.

Earth First Food Ventures (EFFV) has built a reputation in recent years as a leading source of expertise in the Smart Protein sector, supporting the financing of some of the most compelling early stage companies in this space. Combining with Milltrust’s decade of investment management experience focused exclusively on Sustainability and Impact, the partnership will launch a dedicated fund for a more sustainable food supply chain and healthier protein production.

The purpose of the fund is to disrupt the world’s largest industry, Food, by channeling climate capital towards the scaling of the Smart Protein sector for a cleaner, healthier end-product, produced locally for local consumption, with a significantly lower carbon footprint and lower GHG emissions, while at the same time providing attractive returns in a fast-growing industry with innovative technologies.

Today, the Smart Protein industry represents 2% of current global protein consumption – a mere US$ 20Bn in top line revenue. However, over the next decade and a half, the industry is expected to scale exponentially with projected Global revenues in excess of US$ 500Bn, as an increasing number of participants enter the market with new innovative technologies.

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Portfolio Investments

Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The British Innovation Fund II follows on from the success of The British Innovation Fund I, investing into high potential companies with a focus on agri-tech, the future of healthcare, climate impact, and alternative protein, where incontrovertible science is at the core of the commercial proposition.

The British Innovation Fund II monitors and invests in the next cohort of UK success stories, originating from our embedded network of universities, venture partners and angel groups. 18 UK universities are in the top 100 of global rankings. Our unparalleled university and national lab networks in the UK, Singapore and globally, provide access to a thriving ecosystem of start-ups with strong backing and support from government.

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