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Milltrust International's Green Earth Ventures is a discretionary venture capital portfolio investing in pioneering real climate solution ventures across the Energy Transition, Clean-Tech, Energy Efficiency, Recycling Waste Streams, Crop and Animal Protection innovation, and Food Production Systems.

The Milltrust range of private funds (Future Health, Green Earth Ventures, Smart Proteins) serve as the building blocks for the British Innovation Fund II. Investors can invest on a stand-alone basis, or at the top level.

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Joint Venture between Milltrust & Earth First Food Ventures

The Smart Protein Fund is a joint venture between Milltrust International (Investment Manager) and Earth First Food Ventures (Investment Advisor) to invest exclusively in the Smart Protein sector.

The purpose of the fund is to disrupt the world’s largest industry -Food- by channelling climate capital towards the scaling of the Smart Protein sector for a cleaner, healthier end-product, produced locally for local consumption, with a significantly lower carbon footprint and lower GHG emissions, while at the same time providing attractive returns in a fast-growing industry with innovative technologies.

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Portfolio Investments

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