AgPeer Marketplace

Agpeer is a platform operating in the UK and Singapore and focused on the provision of capital markets services to agriculture related investments including agri-tech, agri- science, trade finance, and farmland investing.

AgPeer is positioned to filter the many innovations in agricultural know-how to ultimately showcase a curated pipeline of investment opportunities from across the globe.

AgPeer draws on the experience of investment bankers, asset managers, agronomists and technologists that today manage diversified agricultural assets in both the northern and southern hemispheres, and have pioneered breakthrough technology in genetics, diagnostics, animal welfare, and farming practices with the aim of delivering sustainable solutions for the challenges of feeding and clothing an ever-growing global population.

The platform is regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and facilitates debt, equity and structured loans for investors seeking capital.

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Contact us on [email protected] to request additional information.

Contact us on [email protected] to request additional information.