Milltrust Launches Future Health

May 14, 2018

BY Milltrust International Group

In the realm of science, significant breakthroughs in human health are radically changing our relationship with medicine and the health systems of the world. Medicine is becoming personalised, and the consumer is becoming greatly empowered by the internet. Big data and artificial intelligence are improving our understanding of disease through far more efficient diagnostics and data interpolation. This is a carrying a new paradigm in valuations of businesses too with many companies going to unicorn status based on extrapolations of the value of their data. Investors are unable to invest in this realm however without specialist knowledge, combined with an understanding of what makes a successful enterprise as opposed to solely a significant scientific discovery. Science has no regional boundaries and the opportunity set is global.

Milltrust International has assembled Future Health, an International Consortium of Health Care experts, who provide advice to commercial ventures typically emanating from leading medical schools and institutes of research and learning. Future Health is centred around creating globally competitive companies by leveraging the strengths and attributes of different geographical areas of the world to accelerate the benefits of new discoveries to mankind and the cost of better proven healthcare. Future Health is a platform providing advisory services, fundraising and co-investments/principal investments across early-stage global healthcare businesses.

Opportunities we see are:

  • The increased spending power of the middle class creates a need for additional investments by the private sector in healthcare services, medical products and world-class clinic facilities. There is a need for facilities upgrade and often governments do not have budgets to keep up. We see public-private partnerships as a good model to bridge the gap.
  • Intellectual property which has so far predominantly been created in the developed markets can take advantage of the manufacturing, development and clinical infrastructure and skills that are available in emerging and developed markets.

Future Health will invest in Healthcare, Medical Technology and Life Sciences companies, with a particular focus on ageing and related illness including brain health, general wellness, oncology and immunotherapy, cardio-vascular disease, and immunology and infectious disease.

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