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Welcome to British Innovation

The British Innovation Fund

Despite British universities being consistently high in global rankings, Britain has historically struggled to raise sufficient capital to commercialise its world-class research. The British Innovation Fund supplies capital to support early stage spin out companies forming as a result of this research. The Fund invests into leading British University commercialisation companies and spin out companies emanating from these Universities.


The British Innovation Fund recognises the world-class science and technology development that is being carried out in many of Britain’s top universities. The Fund nurtures impactful, early-stage companies – helping them reach their full potential and guiding them to world-wide recognition and success.


The Fund carefully picks spin out companies from the established, in-house university commercialisation companies which the Fund has invested in – spin out companies that demonstrate a viable commercial business and are already generating revenue. This significantly reduces investment risks and enhances the probability of outsized returns for investors.


1) The academics at the universities will bring promising IP and commercially reliable ideas to the attention of the university commercialisation company.
2) The eyes and ears of the experienced technologists and venture capitalists at the commercialisation company view these ideas and invest into the most promising opportunities.
3) The investment advisory committee of the British Innovation Fund assesses the recommendations of the commercialisation companies before deploying capital.


Fund Terms

Fund profile

Platform:Milltrust International Managed Investments ICAV
Investment Manager:Milltrust International LLP
Investment Adviser:Milltrust Agricultural Investments Ltd
Structure:Open-ended Investment Company
Strategy:Commercialisation of research emerging out of UK universities
Domicile:Dublin, Ireland
Inception Date:25 November 2016
Share Classes:Class (A), Class (B), Class (C), Class (D)
Management Fee:2%
Performance Fee:20% over Hurdle Rate
Hurdle Rate:8%
Subscription Terms:10 years
Investor Types:For Professional and Accredited Investors Only
Registered for Distribution in:United Kingdom, Ireland

Service Providers

Administrator:MUFG Alternative Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd.
Custodian:Mitsubishi UFJ Investor Services & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A.
Legal:William Fry

CerraCap II LP

CerraCap II LP


Milltrust CerraCap II is a Global fund dedicated to early stage technology investments. The fund focuses on Enterprise (B2B) products and solutions in the emerging technology areas of Healthcare, AI and Cyber Security.

The fund reduces investment risk by maintaining one strategy since inception; targeting great teams with high growth characteristics. CerraCap makes great management better by personally introducing companies to Fortune 500 decision makers. The team call this model Sales and Scale where they industrialize innovation.

The fund is managed by Milltrust in Cayman feeding into a US partnership.

Key Features


Investment Team

The fund is managed by CerraCap Ventures, headquartered in California with operations out of global hubs of tech innovation (San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore).

The team at CerraCap Ventures are former UST Global execs from California, with a past track record returning a stellar 9x return since inception.

CerraCap Ventures also boasts a phenomenal advisory board including Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, John C. Cushman, Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield, Richard P Crane Jr., Lawyer and Member of U.S. Department of Justice, and our own Simon Hopkins, amongst others





INCEPTION: 29/11/2016

NAV/SHARE: 99.08

DATE: 30/04/2019



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