Richard Price

Chief Executive Officer

Agpeer Ltd

Richard is a UK Nuffield Agricultural Scholar with an impressive track record in farming, agribusiness and related start-ups that spans several countries.

Richard built and operated a large-scale farming business in the UK to include Rawburn farm, a 2,500 acre holding on the Roxburghe Estates where he produced commercial and pedigree livestock, cereal and root crops. He has also been involved in an extensive farming aggregation spanning over 100,000 acres of wheat, canola and barley production in Australia. He has in depth experience in producer cooperatives, merchandising, agribusiness, agricultural research, development, and extension, exporting and agricultural investments.

Richard was appointed the inaugural Managing Director of the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre Limited, a national joint venture initiative between the Australian Grains Research Development Corporation and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA. With a joint government and industry mandate to enhance the international competitiveness, quality, understanding and value of the Australian export grains industry through science, technology and market innovation. Richard lead the successfully establishment of AEGIC, the associated research programmes, national and international research, market intelligence and innovation collaboration.

As the former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Kondinin Group Limited, Australia’s national farm improvement group and independent best practice information service provider to agriculture, with subscribers and clients to services in several developed and developing countries, he has contributed as an industry thought leader to national strategies on agricultural research, development and extension and has insight into the latest technologies driving agricultural productivity. He is the founder of the Australian Farmer of the Year awards and several innovative information service products.

Richard has been active in the international capital markets as a Director of an Agrifund and specialist agricultural investment advisor, having acted for sovereign funds, family offices and institutional  clients, he maintains close relationships with the agricultural investment community internationally.

He has contributed to the Savills plc International Farmland team and has experience and exposure to the major players, dynamics and economics of land ownership and farming commodities internationally.

He is regularly called upon to speak at and chair international agricultural investment, technology, and sustainability conferences.

Richard is currently one of five internationally appointed expert panel members for the Australian government and industry, “Stimulating private sector agricultural extension”, programme and the founder of agpeer.co.uk the investment and funding platform for agriculture.

Continuing a commitment to ongoing professional development, he recently successfully completed the Oxford University Fintech Programme.

The depth of Richard’s farming, managerial and entrepreneurial experience, combined with his understanding of global agribusiness from production to boardroom sees him bring a unique set of skills, qualities, international exposure, and networks.

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