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Harry Paul



Harry Paul has over 30 years’ executive experience in the Life Science sector.

Harry has worked in several international commercial and management roles at Roche and Boston Scientific. Most recently he was CEO at Tharos, an animal health start-up company focused on Gut Microbiome research. He has his own consulting company that advises companies in the health sector on international business development.

In addition, Harry has been an investor in Agriculture in Latin America and has been involved in developing several investment projects in the region. He worked closely with Milltrust on their agricultural assignments in Latin America from 2013 to 2015. A member of Milltrust’s Investment Advisory Committee, he is involved in company assessments, deal sourcing, and strategic investors.

Passionate about building and nurturing successful and motivated teams, Harry has had the privilege of working with and developing several high-performing teams across the Globe, particularly in the UK, US, Latin America and Asia.

A keen linguist, he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French, as well as Italian, and he obtained his degree in Genetics and Microbiology from Leeds University.

Advisory team