Welcome To East India Capital Management

 East India Capital Management (“EICM”) is a multi-faceted RFMC regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and is an affiliate of an international asset management group, Milltrust International.

 With domain knowledge in areas such as hospitality, real estate, agriculture, healthcare, power engineering and the new economy, we have helped leading family-owned businesses source non-bank finance, and launch collective asset vehicles to provide arm’s length management and to permit access to institutional capital.

 EICM has expertise in hospitality and property asset management to target above-market returns from upgrading, repositioning and developing unloved or distressed assets in the hospitality sector across the fast growing markets of SEA.

EICM provides a family office structure enables clients to co-invest in a range of strategies that typically offer a combination of income and capital appreciation. EICM not only manages a number of strategies internally, but also sources for world-class opportunities through our extensive network of external managers.

From the heart of Singapore, EICM manages assets for entrepreneurs and families in businesses across the world, and have established structured vehicles to control and develop assets in the geographies of Southeast Asia, India, Africa, the UK and USA.

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Our Global Presence

Our extended family heritage draws on the pioneering spirit that has taken us to the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australasia, India, The Middle East and Europe.

We are based in Singapore, from where we serve as an advisor to numerous international investors with assets custodied in local bank accounts. We  also have international representation in 15 locations around the world.

Assets Safety

Clients’ assets remain safely in the custody of the major banks to provide the highest levels of safekeeping and professional reporting.

We have established partnerships with a number of well-capitalised Singapore banks and structured a regulated fund platform in conjunction with State Street, the world’s largest custody bank.

Reliable Returns

We focus on delivering consistent returns in accordance with the level of risk each client is prepared to accept.

Our investment advice is based on a family office model and investment committee co-investment basis.

Core/Satellite Approach

Our Relationship Managers serve as the stewards of your capital, providing you with a diversified portfolio, built around a top down analysis of the current global opportunity set, and managed by some of the world’s leading investment groups. We combine this core offering with access to a range of specialist investment opportunities including inter alia real assets, technology investments and hedge funds, and the services of a number of the world’s leading private banks.

Core Offering:

Irish regulated EICM Multi-Asset Class Fund

Satellite Asset Classes:

  1. Real Assets investments
  2. Alternatives (Hedge Funds, CTAs)
  3. Private Equity & VC
  4. Fixed Income
  5. Mutual Funds
Satellite Solution:

  1. Lending at competitive rates from well-capitalised banking partners to support our clients’ financial goals
  2. Services of world’s leading private banks at favourable rates

Well-resourced Team

Clients’ portfolios will be constructed and managed combining the resources of the wealth management advisors at East India, the institutional offering from Milltrust International, and the skills of carefully selected external specialist managers.

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Our Awards

Contact Us

Singapore Head Office:

39B Tras Street | Singapore 078978
E: info@eastindiacm.com | T: +65 6225 3052

London Office:

6 Stratton Street | London W1J 8LD | United Kingdom
E: info@milltrust.com | T: +44 (0)20 8123 8369

East India Capital Management Pte Ltd is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.